Meet Kata

Certified Coach & Professional Make-Up Artist

Kata is an accredited Coach and Speaker, she utilises NLP and Timeline Coaching techniques, to develop women's confidence, raise their motivation levels, which leads them to achieving their goals and dreams.


Her experience in the Beauty & Luxury Goods industry, based out of Switzerland, makes her the leader in her field. The Beauty industry is tough, her work always enhances others skills and interactions within her chosen field.

With a Physics background, based in teaching and research, she combines her unique technical skills with a full understanding of the human spirit.


She is a mother with 2 sons (and 2 cats!), as a family she loves travel, music and being creative, especially handicrafts.


About Swantastic!

Swantastic! is an international company that is helping women to find their inner & outer beauty through a wide range of beauty services and products as well as counseling, coaching and mentoring for personal and professional development.

Our Vision: To be Client-Oriented company that mentors and supports Women seeking success and which are creating their own future.

Our Mission: Empowering Women to become the best version of themselves.