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Introducing the Swantastic! Diamond Brush S00, the perfect addition to your makeup brush collection.


Hand-made in Germany with vegan bristles and certified wood, these brushes are of the highest quality, ensuring a smooth and flawless application every time.


The Diamond Brush is designed for the application of powder, bronzer and rouge, foundation and concealer, and to accentuate the face regions, making it a versatile tool for any makeup look.


Whether you're applying a light dusting of powder or sculpting your features with contour, the Swantastic! Diamond Brush S00 is the perfect brush for surface application.


Elevate your makeup routine with this must-have brush today!

Swantastic! Diamond Brush S00

SKU: 50010001
  • MATERIAL: synthetic hair extra fine, dark brown-black

    SHAPE: diamond

    FERRULE: nickel plated brass ferrule

    HANDLE: FSC anthracite dulled

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