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Swantastic! Blending Brush S06 is a must-have tool for achieving flawless eye makeup looks.


Crafted with the highest quality vegan bristles, these hand-made brushes are produced in Germany using certified wood.


The Blending Brush is perfect for preparing small, hard to reach contours and creating especially soft passages on the eyelids.


It is designed for effortless application of eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and expertly blends different shades for a seamless finish.


Whether you need precise work or seamless blending, the Swantastic! Blending Brush S06 is the perfect choice for achieving professional makeup results.

Swantastic! Blending Brush S06

SKU: 50010006
  • MATERIAL: synthetic hair extra fine, dark brown-black

    SHAPE: round-high-oval

    FERRULE: nickel plated brass ferrule

    HANDLE: FSC anthracite dulled

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