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The Swantastic! Eyeliner Brush S11 is the perfect tool for precise and effortless eyeliner application.


Whether you're using kajal, gel-eyeliner, or wet applied powder eyeliner, this brush will help you achieve an even and defined eyeline every time.


Its fine bristles and ergonomic design make it easy to create the perfect winged eyeliner or tightline your eyes with precision.


Not only is it great for eyeliner, but this versatile brush can also be used as a lipliner brush for a perfectly defined lip.


Made with vegan and sustainable materials, the Swantastic! Eyeliner Brush S11 is not only great for your makeup routine, but it's also great for the environment.


Add this high-quality, hand-made brush to your collection for a flawless application every time.

Swantastic! Eyeliner Brush S11

SKU: 50010011
  • MATERIAL: synthetic hair extra fine, sable color

    SHAPE: round-pointed

    FERRULE: nickel plated brass ferrule

    HANDLE: FSC anthracite dulled

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